About us

Eastglobe is an international trading resource for agricultural products and their derivatives and by-products with a lean on the Black Sea origin. As an internationally oriented structure, we are constantly working to develop new trading opportunities worldwide, specializing in container shipments.

In order to provide maximum convenience for our partners, we operate both as Traders, originating our goods mostly from the CEE region, and Brokers, covering the rest of the world.

One of the main goals of our company is to simplify the relationship between market participants, turning international trade into a simple and convenient service, through constant and thorough review of operational activities.

Through creating a connecting substance for the trade links, we aim to provide the highest level of service, including the solutions for:

Internal and external logistics –

organizing and coordinating each stage of logistics chain from the manufacturer to the final customer, meeting the deadlines, ensuring goods safety;

Quality control & certification –

sampling and confirmation of product quality indicators through licensed laboratories as well as optional survey control both at the ports of loading and destination;

Regular Supply -

long-term cooperation arrangements and continuous performance;

Documentary support and execution –

correct and timely publication of documents in strict conformity with documentary instructions and in compliance with international trade law;

Legal support and consulting –

all our contracts are backed by internationally recognized legal firms, specializing in commodity trade and shipment;

Insurance –

in cooperation with biggest names in the industry we offer all available insurance options aimed to meet the requirements of our partners.
Based on the years of experience in export, trade and execution, backed by the modern security standards, our tech development team is constantly improving the cabinet. Aiming to provide our partners with a whole range of unique systematic options, including real time calculation of the price of available positions (lots), we take into consideration all the necessary requirements, including:
  • Quantity and quality indicators;
  • Packaging / packing and additional requirements for transportation;
  • The cost of delivery to the port of destination;
  • insurance cost and cost of additional documents;
  • real time control of shipments, allowing to exclude issues, related to technical execution of the contracts and providing answers to the most common questions, such as:
    • What is the shipment plan for the contract?
    • What is the current stage of shipment of each separate lot and what is the status of documents?
  • And many more to come.